Common Air Conditioner Problems & How AC Pros Fix Them

Below are the five most common cooling issues that homeowners experience during the summertime. Our cooling viewpoint involves air top quality, moisture, and also temperature. When your air conditioning unit does not appear to function optimally, don’t reach for the phone to call your local heating & to cool professional right now. Behind the majority of breakdowns, there are basic solutions that you could be able to do on your own to restore the great comfort of your residence as well as save loan. Locate much more regarding our A/C viewpoint

Top Air Conditioning Troubles as well as Solutions

1. The A/C Quits Working Totally

When the ac system shuts down all of a sudden, examine the thermostat’s batteries. If the batteries are dead, replace them. Make sure the thermostat is in the “cooling” setting or placement and at the temperature level settings that you prefer.

If the thermostat isn’t the offender, inspect the A/C circuit breaker. You could require to flip it to the “on” placement. If these services do not work, call an A/C specialist.

2. Working But Not Cooling

Evaluate the location around the air conditioning system to see to it that is free from debris as well as plants. Keep shrubs and also tall plants at least 2 feet away, as well as remove leaves the autumn on top of the device. If you discover refrigerant leaks, which impact how an A/C cools down the air, call a heating and cooling expert to repair or replace the cooling agent tank. You can inform if the cooling agent levels are reduced by taking a look at the bigger of the two copper lines that go into the condenser. When the A/C has sufficient cooling agent levels, the line will sweat and also feel chilly to the touch.

If you have older home windows in your house or require additional insulation in your attic, you could be experiencing warmth gains that heat your home. Making use of blackout curtains during the day or including insulation may aid.

Leaks in ductwork can also make a residence really feel cozy as well as damp while the A/C runs. An HVAC services professional can do tests to establish if this is the cause of your pain.

3. The A/C Cools Down Erratically

Temperature levels changes in a home are generally the outcome of leakages in ductwork, inadequate insulation, or blocked vents or signs up. Make sure that the vents throughout your house are open, clean as well as unobstructed.

You might locate that spaces with south-facing home windows really feel hotter than other rooms. If this is the case, use blackout drapes over the home windows throughout the hottest times of the day. One more remedy is the expert installation of separate zoning systems in your house that allows you to control the temperature level in specific locations.

4. Water Leaks from the A/c Unit

Check the condensate line, the PVC pipeline exiting the A/C system, to see if it’s clogged. If it is, flush it out making use of pressed air, complying with the supplier’s instructions.

Cooling agent leaking from the drain line will make your house feel warm as well as might create ice to accumulate over the coils as well as drip water. Frozen coils, however, are likewise a sign of airflow problems due to particles surrounding the A/C unit, a dirty air filter or blocked return air ductwork. If any component of the a/c is frozen, turn it off, enabling it to defrost on its own, and call a heating and cooling service technician.

5. The Air Conditioning Unit Makes Unusual Sounds

Shrilling or squealing noises that originate from the electric blower motor shows an electric motor bearing issue or a malfunctioning belt that could damage. Adding lube to the oil port might help.

Clanging, rattling, thumping or banging typically suggests there’s a problem with the motor or blower setting up. If you hear any one of these noises, shut off the A/C and also call a professional.

A smacking sound, like playing cards hitting a bicycle spoke, when the blower runs could mean something is embedded the blower blades or in the real estate bordering the blower. Shut off the A/C as well as evaluate the blower for particles.

Clicking sounds when the A/C activates as well as off generally represents a relay issue. A rattling noise that takes place when the fan transforms the compressor on is due to a short falling motor or loosened hardware. Call an expert to check the unit.

As you fix your air conditioning device, maintain its warranty in mind. While it’s alright to do standard upkeep, such as change the air filters, some A/C issues need professional focus to prevent nullifying the service warranty. Find out more about how to deal with the solution and also repair work with our sources. When you see your air conditioning unit not operating usually, resolve the concern as soon as you can to stop it from ending up being a bigger, more costly issue.

Air Conditioning Service: All About Maintaining Your Machine

When the summer season is approaching you often find out that your air conditioner is not working well as it is expected. Sometimes it is due to faulty installation done initially and now start being visible after some time or maybe due to poor maintenance all along. Our guide informs of a video is step by step based on how to maintain the air conditioner and will be of much help since it is based on reports from consumers made on multiple air conditioners. This will always be of much assistance in making your life more comfy despite the poor weather.

Step 1: Check the placement

For those who have not had air conditioners before, it is not recommendable to place it near the window where it can be pounded by the sun directly. This is because the direct sun will derail it as it will be forced to work harder. The best places to place it is on a window that is near trees or else a window which is facing the North direction, an awning or another source of coverage. Use of curtains will also ensure that the amount of solar is reduced.

Inside the house, gadgets such as television and floor lamp should be placed far away from the air conditioner. This is because the gadgets have units of thermostats that will always sense the heat, this will always make them run the long way.

The multiple tests that we have done have confirmed to us that some units do their jobs in a better way by either blowing to the right or left. This does not apply in a situation where the air condition has been placed at the center of a room. In case all the windows are very close to a wall then it will be advisable to choose the air conditioner that will allow the air to be blown towards the center of a room rather than the one blowing towards the wall. However, some of the air conditioners models are universal in that they can blow in any direction of a room.

Step 2: Maintain the machine

At the front grille of all air conditioners, there is a filter for dirt and dust. Sometimes the filter can be blocked which makes it difficult for the air to flow freely through the unit making it difficult to clean the air and be less efficient. Once in a while remove the grille off and take out the filter. Remove the clogged dust and dirt using a vacuum and then wash it with warm water that is soapy. The reinstall the screen when it is completely dry, and in case it happens to be worn out it is advisable to make a replacement.

Also, it is important to check into the sealing of the windows to ensure that warm air gets out while old air gets in. If there is a leakage, then reseal around your unit with weather stripping.

Step 3: Program it properly

There are programmable air conditioners with controlled units from smartphones. Either the high tech or the manually controlled all should have a temperature setting. Energy star recommends 78n degrees when your home is 85 degrees when at home or working and 82 degrees while sleeping.

If that is too much, you can go for slightly lower temperatures. This can save you up to 3% of air conditioner costs.