Things To Consider With A Bathroom Remodel

Many of us are living in a house that was built pre-1980’s. While the bathroom fixtures might have been modern and amazing at the time, the 21st century is in full swing, and you are left wanting more. Maybe there are just simple changes that your bathroom needs, such as a vanity that is too small for your taste. You might dream of a more elaborate change such as replacing dated shower fixtures or upgrading the lighting, so you don’t look so grim and gloomy for your morning shave.

No matter the reason that you are considering an upgrade, a simple renovation can have a big effect on how you feel about the bathroom and how much the entire house is worth. We have let go of our excessive ways of the past and strutted into the new era of better money management and streamlined improvements based on their practical nature as well as their aesthetic appeal. Your bathroom can be an excellent escape place without looking like you walked into some museum exhibit.

To say yes to saving your money and no to frivolity, a checklist can prove invaluable. This checklist will detail what is possible. Prioritize this list based on the essentials necessary for a modern functioning bathroom. To get you started, here are some things you can consider.

Is having a tub even important anymore? Years and years have come and gone where homeowners have been convinced that it was essential to have a tub in the main bathroom. It didn’t seem to matter that people aren’t taking baths in them, or that they are costly both in the area needed to house them and in the long term. It was believed that you couldn’t sell a house that didn’t have a tub in it.

You might be a bath person, but that doesn’t mean that the oversized tub needs to be in your main bathroom. If you are good with it, you can even move this tub to a less used hall bathroom.

Converting Your Current Tub Area Into A Shower

Minding The Height

Older bathrooms tend to have a shorter vanity than modern varieties. The standard then was only 30 inches, which seems excellent for a child, but you need a little more height to be comfortable. To accommodate this, the new standard is 36 inches in height.

For those are uncertain about the height of 36 inches, either being too tall or too short, a floating vanity option can accommodate any taste. The requirement here is that there is enough anchorage in the wall to allow the vanity to hang without breaking loose. Vancouver home remodeling can be tough and uncertain because of the small size of many of these houses, having something that is compatible with small spaces is great.

Water, Water Everywhere

The showering experience is an ever-evolving thing. Today there are limitless possibilities that only begin with the standard (yet still highly effective) traditional showerheads. Now there are body sprayers, handheld fixtures, rain heads and much more beyond this. Choosing one of the more intricate options also increases the overall cost of your project too, so prepare to pay more for plumbing costs and the fixtures involved as well.

But before you get started with this process, take a moment to map out where these fixtures and heads are meant to go. Proper planning means that your shower head is at the right height for even the tallest member of your family and that a shower bench is appropriately positioned to use the handheld attachment still.

Control placement is something else to consider as well, because who wants to get a quick blast of cold water when they first turn on the shower? Instead, make it easily accessible from standing comfortably out of the cold water strike zone.

Hold On For Safety

While people tend to think of safety grab bars as hospital fixtures meant for the feeble, they can have a very aesthetically pleasing appeal with the right choices in both design and placement. Not to mention, they can serve a very distinct function with righting yourself while you are standing up from the shower bench or getting completely up from a tub area.

If you do want to include grab bars for safety, be certain that you have adequate blocking within the walls. You cannot just rely on cheap plastic anchors here, as they will eventually give out. Securely anchor your bars to a solid backer, so they hold up for years to come.

Have A Rest Place

Everyone can use a rest now and then, and a shower bench is an often underrated element of the modern shower. It also remains a functional part as well, providing stability for tasks like leg shaving. If you don’t have the space to have a fixed seat in your shower, you might opt for a folding option instead (which is a few hundred dollars).

The folding bench, like the grab bars, needs to be firmly secured to the wall.

Finding Your Niche

Have a shower area that is overrun with shampoo and conditioner bottles? Slots (or a series of them) can help you to store these items up and out of your way while leaving them accessible. This is a great and aesthetically pleasing alternative to the shower caddy. Given their general inexpensive nature, this is a great way to up the value of the bathroom without shelling out a lot of money yourself.

There is a degree of planning involved in constructing these, namely with the selection of the tiles you intend to use in the shower. This will help you to choose the placement of these niches based on the tile layout, and having the wall framed to support this niche plan.

If you are someone who shaves while you are in the shower (I do too) there are some good investments you can make. For just a few hundred dollars, you can add some better lighting, a specific place for your razor and cream, and even a fog proof mirror.

Putting Your Face On

If you are someone that is always putting their make up on at the bathroom vanity, you might benefit from the addition of a makeup desk. This will be a place with mirrors and compartments for all of your cosmetic products, not to mention a nice and comfortable place to sit while you put it all on. You can integrate one into your existing vanity, but these desks typically sit around 30 inches in height (which is 6 inches shorter than the average modern vanity). A seat that is a typical stool height provides a large counter space. Many remodeling companies create custom cabinets for makeup, they say they aren’t that tough to make.

Lose The Threshold

Zero threshold showers are starting to be more and more common, even though they are an added expense in your renovation. This allows you never to have to step over a barrier again and ensures that you don’t have to risk falling over it as you age in the house. Depending on your shower area and placement, this conversion could be as little as a few hundred dollars to complete.

Getting Steamed

Steam showers used to be so commonplace that all kinds of homes had them. Though the demand for these showers has waned over the years, it is still a wise investment for those that have a home gym that gets used.

You need to understand that steam showers are costly additions, adding thousands to the final cost of a product. You can’t even skrimp by undercutting the size of the steam generator. Carefully calculate the overall cubic volume of the shower space and choose the generator size based on this calculation. Keep this installed generator in an accessible location for workers that will come to work on it in the future. This is an inevitability for any manner of machine; they will eventually need to be serviced for something.

That Needed Reading Material

Some of your best reading might be getting done from this throne in your bathroom, so reading material is almost a constant thing in the bathroom. Minimize the clutter with a convenient space to keep all of the books, magazines, and newspapers that migrate into the bathroom. This is an inexpensive addition to the room that can vastly improve the look.

Towels, Hooks, and TP

While these are necessary and universal things that you will find in every single bathroom, the placement is often one of the last things that are considered. Don’t let them be something you remember later, and make them an important part of the design scheme instead. While you are in the planning stages, map out where you want towel bars, hooks, and the toilet paper roll holder to be positioned, so that these can be appropriately anchored into the wall and last for many years.