Sticker Printers Vancouver: The Many Uses of Sticker Ads

When you first hear the word ‘stickers,’ you are probably like most people, and think of childhood stickers or stickers used for crafts such as scrapbooks. However, did you know that stickers are actually a fabulous, cost-effective method to help in marketing your business? Indeed, stickers offer you the ability to promote your product without being ‘preachy.’ They can be affixed to just about any surface, even fabrics to create a plethora of promotional items and freebies for you to give away to customers, family, and friends. After all, it’s all about getting your name out there, and stickers can actually be less expensive than flyer’s, brochures or pamphlets.

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Cost Effective Solution

First of all, stickers are a cost-effective marketing tool. That’s right, in today’s world, you can design your own stickers on your PC, and print them out on sticker paper purchased at your local office supply store. You may also hire a company to print them out for you, especially if you will need a large amount of them. If you are into fancy shapes, you may purchase a die cut machine, the type they use to make scrapbook accessories, and create as many stickers in the shape of dog bones, cupcakes, holiday Santa’s, and much more! Stickers are a fun way to advertise your business without coming across as pushy or making it seem like you’re constantly making a pitch, or begging for a sale. You’ll find that sticker printing is fast, economical and very useful for your business.

Get Creative with Design

First things first, and that is the design of your sticker. As you are attempting to draw people to your business, it’s important that it appeals to their senses, to attract them without putting them off. The image and colors can be of your logo or anything else which promotes the product or service you’ll be using. Once you’ve completed your sticker printer project, ask others their honest opinion, to see if they would be attracted to this design/color combination. If you feel you’re not the creative type and need a little inspiration, simply do a web search for stickers used in advertising companies, and you’ll see hundreds of image examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Next comes the contact information. As tempting as it is to use a lovely, fanciful font, such as script, it’s not a good idea. Fancy fonts might be beautiful, but they are often quite difficult to read. Remember, people have a short attention span, so will probably glance at a window or bumper sticker, so you have to make each second count. So, it’s best to go with an easy to read, large font such as Arial for your contact information. If you still are not confident to create your own stickers, there are plenty of sites online where you can hire a freelancer to design them for you. If you are creative but not familiar with graphics software, you can purchase one of the many brands of sticker printers available on the market.

Make a Variety of Different Stickers

Not all stickers are created equal. When you begin designing your stickers be aware that you can create many different types of stickers, each with their own purpose. For instance, you may have one style of sticker which is designed to promote your brand. This one may be designed with simply a logo and company name. Another set of stickers would center only on your contact information. In other words, be creative when it comes to increasing brand awareness. You can create large stickers to place on the floor, walls or bathroom stalls to advertise a current or upcoming sale, as well as the good old bumper sticker.

Sticker Placement

In your quest for the best in brand recognition via stickers, let no stone unturned. In other words, be creative when it comes to sticker placement. For instance, if you sell items on eBay, make certain you place a sticker on the package, inner packing or thank you card. If you own a boutique and are running a special sale that day, print out some fanciful, ‘arrow’ shaped stickers to help guide your customers to the sale tables.

Another idea is to print out some large, attractive stickers to place on the price tags of items you have for sale, so they are much more noticeable. For instance, create a sale sign which states that “All items with the Orange/Stripped Sale Sticker Will be 1/2 off today!”, Then place your orange/stripped stickers on any and all items which are half off. The proper sticker placement will encourage ‘word of mouth’ advertisement for your business, and as we all know, being personally directed to a product, service or business by someone we trust is advice we are likely to take.

Variants of Sticker Printing

Alls fair in winning customers and widening the scope of your brand. So, it does not hurt to take your sticker design a step further, into other areas. For instance, there might be a few people who would not mind promoting your business, but the idea of a sticker is not exactly for them. So, consider making static cling decals for windows. People can place these on their car windows, or local store windows. Let’s not forget the old-fashioned, yet always in use, refrigerator magnet. They stick to metal, and have your business name, logo and contact information, and will always be present in the individuals home refrigerator. The point is to save all of your sticker designs in a convenient folder in your PC, so when the time comes, you can apply those designs to other mediums.

Address Labels

Create custom stickers to act as address labels. These custom address labels are not only cheaper than having self-addressed business envelopes printed out, but they also allow you to design them as to size, shape, or add imagery, such as logos. If you want, you may offer to create free address labels for customers that have your logo on them, so when they send their mail out, recipients will see the logo, thus increasing brand recognition.

Offers and Discounts

Everyone loves a good sale, so take advantage of that when it comes to designing some stickers. Create stickers that will offer your clients additional discounts. For example, if you just sold a lovely soap dish via eBay, you may include a sticker with a promotional code where they will get an additional 10 percent off their next purchase. You could also create a sticker which offers them a discount on an entire bathroom set. Create buy one, get one free sticker and place them on select items in your store.


People love freebies, so why not take advantage of that and offer inexpensive freebies as ‘giveaways’ to broaden your brand’s horizon? For instance, print out some clear stickers with your contact information, and place them on some fun, cheap freebies such as plastic water bottles, Frisbees, address books, key chains, notepads and more! You could even give away small, complimentary gift baskets of these freebies, complete with your clear stickers to celebrate the holidays!

Iron On Stickers

Yes, iron on stickers is a thing. With the iron on sticker, the adhesive becomes active when it encounters the heat from an iron, which then fuses the sticker to a fabric surface. This is a very exciting promotional tool for your business, as you can take any of your sticker designs, and print them out on special paper, which you then iron onto promotional items such as tote bags, t-shirts, jackets, and much, much more! You can use these items as giveaways, or wear them yourself. Remember, as we said earlier, people love freebies, and if you hand out a few free t-shirts with your sticker emblazoned on them, you know that they’ll be wearing them.

Sticker Printing Using Templates

You say you are not creative enough to design your stickers? If this is the case, then feel free to take advantage of some of the many sticker template sites available online. Most of these sites offer you the freedom to choose the template you want and download it to your computer where you customize it. Yes, it’s just that simple. Once on your PC, you can open the sticker template up in a word program, add images, logos as well as contact information, and you’re good to go!


While digital marketing and search engine optimization offer you some of the best ways to market your business, the addition of conventional forms of promotion, such as stickers can only increase your brand recognition. Using stickers to help promote your business is not only cost-effective, but you hold all the creative aspects of design and placement in the palm of your hand. You can design as many different types of stickers as you see fit, whenever you see fit. If you find that you are not creative, then you may hire a freelancer to design them for you, purchase a standalone sticker printing machine, or you can use some of the many free sticker templates available online.