Removing Mice With The North Vancouver Pest Control Exterminators

Fall and winter are usually accompanied by harsh weather conditions and is often unbearable to animals, especially those living outside the comfort of warm and cozy homes. It’s for these reason that many homes experience a sudden outburst of rodents as they seek refuge from the harsh climate. These little creepers can cause quite a lot of mess in any home.

However, it’s never too late to start mouse-proofing your home-this is according to Cindy Mannes, the spokesperson of the National Pest Management Association.

In the section below, we look at all you need to know about rodents, and how you can effectively keep them away and rid them from your home.

Rodents are like family

According to Mannes, most of the rodents often exhibit family unity just like humans do, meaning once you spot a single mouse, you’re definitely going to find other mice in your home. See, rodents, like humans are looking for their basic needs such as food, shelter, and water, which is readily available in your home.

Additionally, Mannes asserts that rodents have evolved exceptionally in the last few decades and have adapted to living with human beings.Moreover, the rodents are known to multiply very quickly.

Look out for telltale signs

Traditionally, the presence of rodent poop pellets was clear evidence of rodent infestation in any home. However, according to Mannes, the best evidence might not always be littered on your countertop or floor. If you’re observant enough, there are plenty of rodent infestation including chewed laundry, gnaw marks on your boxes or even food.

At times, Mannes asserts, the signs might be even more disastrous with hazardous results. For instance, mice chewing and exposing electrical wires can result in house fires.

Additionally, rodents are disease carriers, and it’s not surprising that one of your family members get diagnosed with rodent-related infections.

Finally, rodent droppings can exacerbate existing allergic conditions and asthma.

Steer Away from DIY remedies

This might sound harsh to DIYers. However, there is no proven or scientific record that indicates that the use of peppermint spray or dryer sheet stuffing work, and therefore you might want to skip them. Aside from the lack of science-backed evidence, Mannes asserts that the rodents are so used to living with human beings, that the smells associated with us are no longer effective against the rodents.

According to Mannes, commercial products such as traps can do the trick. This is especially true if the trap is concealed under the guise of peanut butter.

Find the entry points

According to Mannes, the first step of keeping the rodent nuisance from your home is to find their entry point. This is because just placing traps randomly across your home will not do you any good. Mannes insists on finding the rodents entry point and their breeding/nesting areas.

You do not necessarily have to find the exact region, but by placing your trap around these general areas, you are sure to get your kill.

If you’re not sure, you can hire a professional exterminator to help you set the traps.

Use caulk and steel wool

Rodents are quite a cunny and can make their way even though the slightest openings in your home. However small a hole is, rodents are known to gnaw their way in.

However, rodents can not make their way through caulk and steel wool, and this is why Mannes recommend using the material on the outer home openings such as where pipes enter the house.

Similarly, Mannes insists on replacing the weather strippers and covering your chimney with the screened vents before winter.

Check in your garage

The garage is often overlooked, but it can be a haven for the rodents. Rodents might just decide to settle under your car hood, where the engine provides a warm and cozy condition. And once there, you do not want to know what they can do.

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