Pitt Meadows Microblading by The Naked Truth Explains Microblading

Our business partners and friends at The Naked Truth Skin Care today have an excellent post explaining the process of microblading your eyebrows. Margaret Holmes, the owner, has been my personal friend for years and personally microbladed my eyebrows. I’m loving it so far, so I’d like to let them explain what microblading is.

Although beautiful eyebrows add more beauty to your face, not everyone has the desired color and shape. In case you are not satisfied with your existing eyebrows, get them altered through microblading, a new technology. Let us understand about this process in details.

What should you know before getting your eyebrows tattooed? Do you prefer arched brows or the feather-shaped one with a bold and straight look?

Eyebrows are an essential part of your face and need to be in ideal shape so that you feel confident about your looks. Are you unhappy with your eyebrows? Are you searching how to change them? You will find several options such as gel, pencil brows, and more, but they only provide temporary results. Microblading is the sole option if you want a permanent solution. With this procedure, you get natural looking eyebrows that last for a long time.

Microblading provides perfect brows

This semi-permanent technique creates hair-like strokes to fill up the space of thin brows, providing you with full brows effortlessly without resorting to expensive gels and brow pencils. Though this sounds too good to be true, you should take time to decide, as you need to know about this procedure.

Find below eight points that explain microblading thoroughly.

Skin types determine the results

Are you aware that certain skin types retain ink longer than the others do? For example, it is challenging to ink brows of individuals having extremely oily skin, as the oily surface tends to reject the pigment. Apart from this, oily skin is more likely to pigment hydration. Therefore, the results of the process vary from person to person.

Microblading is a fast process

Although microblading takes a couple of hours, it saves you the time of treating your eyebrows daily. You need not bother about your eyebrows once the microblading process is over, as the artist has completed the job for you. They determine what suits you best, keeping in mind your facial imbalances, and draw it on your face.

They need not look identical

People believe that both eyebrows have to look similar, but this is just a myth. You need to understand that nobody’s eyes are equidistant from the bridge of their nose. Consequently, the starting points of the eyebrows will vary. Apart from this, your ocular cavities, or the cavity just above your brow bone, are occasionally a bit more rounded or flat.

It is not permanent

As microblading is semi-permanent, it would be unfair to call this procedure a permanent solution. Cosmetic tattooing is different from body art tattooing. It does not last long because of the degradable nature of the pigment used. Your immune system is responsible for the quantity of pigment it can intake or push out. Therefore, the pigment starts to fade over time.

According to experts, the pigments last for 1-3 years depending on your lifestyle and skin. However, you can increase this duration through bi-yearly or yearly touch-ups.

Expect certain changes in color

The color of your brows might fade after a week or so, but there is no reason for you to panic about this, as experts say that the color tone darkens during the healing period. Have faith in the process and adhere to the follow-up process to avoid complications.

Typically, the brows appear the darkest during the first three days. Little scabs start to fall after 4-5 days. You can expect to see the results after a week, which, in certain cases, is lighter by 50-75% compared to day one.

Microblading is alterable

Do not feel frustrated if you feel that your brows are messed up after you step out of the salon, as this problem can be fixed. In several cases, the customers initially opted for a wrong style or were not satisfied with the results. The good news is that you need not feel bad about this for long. Wait for some time to let the color fade as much as possible, and return to the salon to get it neutralized based on your skin tone and get the stroke removed.

You require more than one session

To achieve the ideal brow, you will need to go to the salon for more than one session. Most individuals, on an average, require two sessions to get the brow they desired. You will have to wait for some time after the initial session, for the next touch up session. The typical waiting period is approximately four weeks, but this interval varies from one individual to the other depending on the type of their skin as well as how their skin reacts to the pigment.

Microblading can be painful

The process of microblading your eyebrows can be painful, as it is similar to getting a tattoo for eyebrows. Although this process hurts, it does mean that you have to bear it, as you can avoid the pain by applying by applying numbing agents. Topical anesthetic creams such as “Dr. Numb” are efficient in numbing your skin. Make sure that you apply it a minimum of 45 minutes before the microblading session. Such creams and gels typically keep the skin numb for three to four hours. Therefore, you have no reason to worry about any painful sensation during the session.

Finding the ideal eyebrow tattoo artist

As you are making a change to one of your most significant skin feature, ensure that you entrust the task to a professional microbladist who is well versed in the art of microblading. Once you have found a suitable artist, let him or her complete the job, and be ready to step out with beautiful eyebrows.

Thanks Margaret for all that information. If you are even the least bit interested about microblading, I urge you to go to their clinic here:

The Naked Truth Skin Care
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