An Introduction To Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing From Majestic LLC Las Vegas

A simple yet effective way to enjoy a new look to your bathroom is by updating your bathroom cabinets, and you can do this with wood stain and a few tools after sanding down the surface of the cabinets.

A restaining job done by Majestic Cabinets LLC.

Sometimes it is nice to have a new look to your bathroom, and simply refinishing the cabinetry will surprise you as to how effective it all looks. It isn’t necessary to dismantle your plumbing or remove your vanity to enjoy this quick bathroom makeover, and for less than about $50, you can enjoy a nice new bathroom, and the most work you will need to do is remove the handles and knobs and then put them back.


Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing and Restaining

The first step is to get your supplies together. You will need several different sized paint brushes, a sander and sandpaper, some lint free rags, painters paper and a screwdriver.

Step One: Preparing Your Work Area

Take any decorative items off your walls and make sure your workspace is clear and ready to use. Painters paper or simply plastic sheeting can be securely attached to the edge of your vanity to protect it, and this protective paper can be placed anywhere that you want to keep free of stain or paint.

And to make sure that you don’t spill stain or paint in other areas of the bathroom. You may want to place protective sheeting on the floor or other furnishings. A tarp doesn’t tear or slide around as easily as plastic sheeting, so you may want to use that if you have one.

Step Two: Remove Hardware

If applicable, remove the toilet paper holder from your vanity, as well as all the handles and knobs from your bathroom cabinets. It won’t look like a professional job if you leave the knobs and handles in place, so regardless of how tempting it is to simply paint around them, you should always remove them first.

Step Three: Sanding

Make sure you take your time sanding and be sure to do a thorough job so that blemishes on the surface don’t show when you apply the stain. In fact, sanding is one of the most important tasks when it comes to refinishing your bathroom cabinets. It’s also important to make sure that you remove all the paint and stain that is currently there before commencing your project; again, don’t be tempted to rush this part of the process.

The more visible parts of the existing finish on your bathroom cabinets can be effectively removed with 180 grit sandpaper, and to really make sure everything is as smooth as it can be, finish the job using 220 grit paper. A corner dander can help you to reach those hard to reach areas, or by hand, if you don’t have one of these tools.

You don’t want to affect your breathing when you are refinishing your bathroom cabinets, and to ensure your health you should wear a dust mask and perhaps safety glasses too. A dry rag or a damp cloth can then be used to remove any stubborn dust particles from the surface of your vanity, although if you use a wet cloth, before applying any new paint or stain you will need to wait until the surface is dry.

Cool Cabinets by Majestic Cabinets

Step Four: Staining Time

The more coats of stain you apply, the darker the finish will be. Applying one or perhaps two coats of stain are the key if you want your stained finish to appear lighter. You can simply continue adding stains one after the other until the finish is as dark as you would like it if you prefer a darker and richer looking finish on your bathroom cabinets. When it comes to staining your cabinets, always check carefully for any darker or lighter areas, to make sure you have applied the stain uniformly.

Home Depot and other home improvement stores are ideal places to shop around for equipment, as well as compare the different finishes of stain.

Step Five: Finishing Touches

Remove all the painter’s tape from around the edges of your fixtures and fittings once you are happy with how everything looks. A paintbrush with a fine tip can be used to touch up any areas that you missed or are perhaps lighter looking. You canĀ browse this site for more tips on how to patch up your kitchen refacing job.

This may be a good time to replace your bathroom hardware and shop for new handles, knobs and other fixtures, or you can simply put your existing hardware back. Oil rubbed bronze, chrome, and nickel are just some of the options if you are looking for new hardware.