Information on Home House Cleaning- Prices & More

One particular task that can be extremely crazy is attempting to keep your home as clean as possible, especially if you’re someone who’s trying to hold down a full-time job, you have pets, you have children, or all of the above applies to you. Because of this, a lot of homeowners end up hiring professional house cleaners to help make their lives a lot easier and deal with a lot of the stress for them.

The two big questions remain though:

*Exactly how much should a good professional cleaning service cost?
*What services do you get for your money by hiring one of these companies?

How Much Cleaning Companies Charge

A majority of professional cleaning companies charge in two different manners:

*Per hour
*Per square foot

The average hourly cost of most cleaning services is approximate $25 to $45 per hour. Regarding square foot rates, these are almost often used for a first-time cleaning, which provides professionals with a baseline to work from. These types of cleanings are also a lot more expensive as well because the cleaners will need to determine exactly how long they will have to spend in a home, as well as whether or not any rooms require any amount of extra work.

Furthermore, the total amount also includes the number of people who will be performing the actual cleaning job. For instance, a company may choose to charge a total of $180 for having two individuals clean a home for four hours, with the per-hour price dropping to $30 per hour per person for subsequent cleanings. Additionally, rates can also vary depending on how often you want a cleaning to be performed. Typically, the more times a cleaner visits your home in a month, the lower the cost will be per visit. There are also some companies who may choose to offer a discounted rate if visits are paid for in advance or if a long-term contract is signed by the homeowner.


Individuals vs. Companies

You should also take the time to make a note of the many differences between individual cleaners and professional cleaning companies.

Companies offer the services of employees who are fully insured and bonded; however, they also charge more for the services that they offer as well. What this means is that if a cleaning job isn’t performed according to your satisfaction, there are two different options that you can take:

*Complain to the company
*Take legal action against the company

A majority of cleaning companies always send two cleaners to perform jobs, and they also charge a minimum fee regardless of what the overall size of your home may be.

Individuals, on the other hand, tend to run their cleaning businesses; however, they may not be licensed to do so and may also request to be paid either by personal check or cash. The rates that they charge are low, and their ability is between equal and superior to those of larger professional cleaning companies. Unfortunately, if a job isn’t performed to your satisfaction by an individual cleaner, there really isn’t much action that you can take against them, which is especially the case if the individual opts to cease their operations completely. Furthermore, there is also the concern of an individual cleaner potentially becoming ill or suffering some personal emergency while on the job as well. Professional cleaning companies, on the other hand, will always have backup workers available in cases such as these.

Services Offered

Even though there are no specific standard services offered by professional cleaners. They offer similar services. Listed below is the services offered by – Langley cleaning services:

*Cleaning toilets/showers
*Cleaning kitchens

Once the basic tasks have been completed, cleaners will often ask homeowners for a list of additional tasks that need to be completed, such as the following:

*Dealing with stained carpets
*Cleaning blinds
*Cleaning the oven
*Cleaning soap scum stains

Many professional cleaners will bring their tools and cleaning products to use while on the job; however, some homeowners choose to provide the tools and products necessary for cleaners to complete the tasks.

Before hiring any professional cleaner, take the time to meet with them in person and determine how they establish all of their rates.

Something fun about cleaning:

Extra Costs

If there is a particular area of your home that needs a deep clean or that requires specific products to be used due to sensitivities or allergies, be prepared to pay more money for services related to these.

Many cleaning companies will charge you upfront and will bring everything that they need to complete the task; however, there are some who will ask that you have anything that you need ready whenever they arrive at your home. If you ask that they use only eco-friendly cleaners from a particular brand or even a special kind of duster, be prepared for your overall costs for their services to increase.

Additionally, asking your cleaner to complete tasks like cleaning your refrigerator, windows, walls, etc. will cost you more as well.

All in all, professional cleaning companies and individual cleaners will both be able to offer you great values for your money; however, the one that you choose to go with depends on both your personal preferences and your overall comfort level.