The Benefits Of A New Garage Door Installation: By Garage Doors Red Deer

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Homeowners are frequently interested in increasing the resale value of their home even if they have no immediate plans to put it on the market. They ask several common questions in determining how to do this. What home renovations boost the resale value of my home? Of those, which ones offer the best return on my investment? Will a given renovation increase my home’s value or merely make it more challenging to sell?

The best way to answer these questions is to think regarding four important categories: Value, Aesthetics, Time, and Knowledge. These four attributes are absolutely critical in determining whether a home renovation will make your home easier to sell for a favorable price.

A brand new garage door installation frequently ranks well with all four of the above criteria, making one the perfect solution for any homeowner interested in easily boosting the value of their home. Let’s take a closer look at why and how garage doors are such effective price boosters.

1. Value

Remodeling Magazine has a fantastic annual feature called the Cost Vs. Value Report that ranks all possible home renovations by the ROI they provide. A new garage door installation is consistently among the top performers according to their metrics thanks not only to the increased prices new garage doors help command but also the fact that purchasing a new garage door is quite cheap relative to other home remodeling projects. This makes garage doors the ideal renovation for the homeowner looking to make an impact on a budget.

2. Aesthetics

Doors are trending larger, and may now represent up to 30 percent of the front view of a home according to the Facebook page for Red Deer Windows and Doors. Garage doors are visible from the exterior of your home, giving it curb appeal that helps entice home buyers to come in and look around. This also means that an ugly garage door will serve as a strong deterrent to prospective buyers, potentially preventing them from ever seeing that gorgeous kitchen remodel you spent $100,000 on. Likewise, you may be able to get home buyers to overlook several undesirable features in your home’s interior if the exterior makes a strong enough first impression.

3. Time

An underappreciated aspect of any home remodel is how long it will take from start to finish. Whatever room you are working on will be effectively unusable for the duration of the project, a fact that becomes especially concerning if the room in question is frequently used such as a living room or kitchen. The beauty of garage door installation is that you order your door and it gets assembled in a factory, not your home. When it’s done, it only takes one business day to install. This is extra helpful for professional real estate flippers who are always looking for fast ways to boost a home’s value without adversely affecting turnaround times.

4. Knowledge

When you are engaging in a home remodel with ROI at the forefront of your mind, it can be very tempting to save money by performing the work yourself. This makes a job like installing new flooring seem like a massive undertaking, causing you to drag your feet in developing the skills you know you would need to do a passable job. Nothing gets done, and your home’s value does not increase.

Red Deer Windows & Doors notes that attempting a garage door installation yourself is extremely dangerous as an accident could result in a fatality. This means that you are forced to hire a professional for your garage door installation, ensuring that the job gets done quickly and correctly. You also save the time that you would have otherwise invested brushing up on your home renovation skills.

Many home renovations turn into massive inconveniences, but garage doors offer a way to increase your home’s value without the hassle demanded by other alternatives. Contact your local pro today to get started on yours!