Finding Reliable Roofers: 10 Important Tips

Using an unqualified roofer can lead to a lot of frustration, headaches and potential financial loss. When you’re in need of serious roofing repairs, you need to ensure your tradesman is qualified, experienced, and competent enough to complete the work efficiently.

Where can I find a Roofer?

The best place to start your search is the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association). Alternatively, you can contact your local building suppliers and ask for referrals. Once you have a group list of roofers to consider, it’s easier to make your selection to find a worker that’s right for you. It can be difficult finding a genuine, qualified roofer, so we’ve come up with a checklist list of the top ten techniques to ensure you select the right professional for your task. (source: Roofing Vancouver Company – Top Rated Vancouver Roofers – Roof Repair Experts at Cooper Roofing)


1) Ask if the roofer is licenced, bonded, and abides by all necessary state and government regulations applicable to the roofing trade. You’ll need to see adequate credentials and trade papers to ensure the tradesman is fit to take on the task.

2) Insurance – If your roofer avoids the subject of insurance and liability, send him packing. Your roofer needs to hold current Workman’s compensation and General Liability Insurance. Without this, all liability claims can fall solely on you.┬áReliable Roofers in Vancouver, BC told us many stories on how shady roofing companies use personal injury claims when they don’t have Workman’s Compensation. It is a scheme that is sadly becoming more popular.
3) Does your roofer belong to or own a genuine business with a permanent location? Sometimes, temp roofers try to claim jobs after severe weather events in the neighbourhood. While some are genuine, most are not capable of delivering quality work and are untrustworthy. Make sure your roofer has a legitimate business or at least contactable references to verify previous work experience – you want to ensure you are hiring from a reliable roofing service provider.

4) Ask your roofer how he plans to dispose of used packaging after the task is completed. Your selected roofer needs to dispose of all packaging appropriately, and recycle packaging where required.

5) Do they provide an in-depth, detailed proposal that illustrates what services are included and a breakdown of what the charges entail? Decent roofers will take photos of the damaged area and consult with you on what issues need to be fixed, so you understand what you are paying for.

6) Ask your roofer to ensure to follow manufacturers directions for installation of any shingle products. Failure to install correctly by directions issued by the manufacturer results in a void warranty.

7) What experience has your roofer had with working with different materials? Get a better idea of your roofer’s abilities as different roofing projects require different skills.

8) Make sure you ensure that your roofer is adequately qualified to install the type of roofing required for your contract.

9) Double check that the roofing company has previously registered with the manufacturers of the product to be installed.

10) Always double check the roofer’s references. Get an overview of how the roofer works, quality of work upon job completion, if contract agreements were abided by, and how he handles site clean ups.

Finding decent roofers becomes an easier task when you interview correctly and get feedback from references. Quality professional roofers will be upfront and honest upon interview, and you’ll have an easier time selecting a roofer for your project when covering these top ten tips.