My Experience Renovating A Restaurant in Maple Ridge

Recently, I renovated Kingfishers in Maple Ridge, one of the most popular local restaurants. I’ll give you their address and website so you can look at what I did and how you can do it. I’d be humbled if you visited it and checked out my work:

Kingfishers Waterfront Bar & Grill
23840 River Rd, Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1B7

Why a Renovation is Required

A renovation is a common practice done by restaurant owners today. Three main reasons warrant a renovation. First is to create more space in the home, secondly to contain the regular tear and wear of the building thus maintaining its aesthetic appeal and finally to change the building to suit the changing preferences and needs of the owner. Often, all the three reasons apply when seeking a makeover, the same applies to why Kingfishers needs a renovation.


To refurbish a building, a lot of expenses are involved. The property owner thus needs to be financially prepared to cater the project. However, some strategies can be used to reduce costs. One of the methods involves purchasing the materials in advance as the construction companies often charge more for the materials as compared to purchasing them on your own. Another strategy is hiring the expert’s example the architect and engineers from different companies rather than having them from the construction company. However, often it is cheaper to hire all the experts from one company rather than from separate ones.

Teamwork is Essential

Renovation at Kingfishers is not a one-man job; it involves various experts as well as the property owner. Teamwork ensures a smooth flow of the project. Experts involved example the design, engineering, and construction team thus need to have a sit down with the owner of the building as well as among themselves to be on the same line. Through teamwork, a successful makeover at Kingfishers will be achieved.

How to Find the Right Experts

On noting the essentials to making a building refurbishment successful, the next stage will be finding the right experts for the job. The experts should be screened first to assure the customer of their expertise. To begin the search process customers can seek referrals from their friends and family on experts, they have worked with before. Afterwards, they can check the reviews made regarding the expert. All worthy companies will have a website to facilitate reviews and research by customers.

Ensure the Experts have Safety Policies and Insurance

Later on, it is mandatory to ensure that the experts have a health and safety policy that covers their employees in case of injuries while at work. Insurance policies to cover damages should also be presented by the construction company.

The Rules and Regulations

Geographic positioning of the company is also a factor to consider when employing the experts. The Geographic location is crucial as different locations have different rules and regulations on constructions and renovations. The diversity in rules means that the construction company should be well familiar with the rules that apply to that area to avoid future legal issues.

Area of Specialization of a construction company

Construction companies may specialize their services, for example, a company that can work on renovating Kingfishers may not be able to work on a library. When selecting the right company, the area of specialization should be identified. Often, companies will specialize as either those for commercial or residential buildings or specialize in specific rooms example kitchen and bedroom renovators.

Compare Costs

If all the above conditions have been met by a company or expert, costs are considered next. Having a variety of choices will be essential at this stage especially for customers who want cheaper renovation services at the Kingfishers. However, caution is essential as very cheap services should raise a red flag as often it is a sign of the poor quality of services. Costs should thus not be the main guide when selecting the experts to hire.

How to Get Through the Kingfishers renovation project

On selecting the right experts, coming up with the design of the makeover project and assigning of the roles, the renovation is started. To ease the process, it is important to seclude the spot, room or space that will be renovated. This gives the experts ample space to carry out their tasks without interruption. Seclusion is also essential as a safety precaution especially in areas that are open to the public example Kingfishers. Kids and pets are at high risk of danger around areas being renovated and should thus be closely monitored or kept away from the location. Be friendly to your experts as this increases their morale and also makes them more intent to complete the project in time as well as ensure that it fits their customers’ standards.

The Benefits of Having a Renovation at Kingfishers

After the renovation is completed, everyone will notice a significant change in the property; an added aesthetic appeal is the first noticeable attribute. For those who intend to sell the property in future, they have the benefit of an increased economic value of their property as well as an increased lifespan. All these reasons make the hassle of getting a renovation at Kingfishers as worth the effort and costs incurred as the benefits exceed the detriments of the process.