Different Types of Escape Room Las Vegas Players

What kind of person are you? Are you the type who puts reason before emotions? Do you live in the present or you prefer focusing on the future? Are you impatient and do you prefer being part of a challenging environment? Are you focused on finishing what they started? Can you comfortably fit in a situation or are you afraid of messing up? Social or antisocial? Can you work under a stressful situation or do you need breaks in between the stress to focus? Well, whichever category you fit you the most, just remember the world is made up of different types of people and hence your personality plays a significant role in the kind of escape game room player you are. So if you are in for some spooky fun, then you’ll need to have a great team for you to escape locked rooms whenever the need arises. That’s why it is essential that you understand the types of people you may find in an escape room to create the best team ever, and fortunately, you do not have to look elsewhere because below are the top ten personality traits which you may need in your team if you don’t have them.

The mathematics genius

Even though most people hate mathematics and anything that has to do with numbers, this person always makes it look so easy. They can efficiently and accurately solve calculus problems and even explain why adding one to one gives a two. So are you this person on your escape room team?

The over analyzer

To this person, everything has a deeper meaning, letters, keys, numbers or any other objects they come across arouse interest in them, and they will waste quite a lot of time trying to guess codes and meanings on whichever object comes in their way.

The pacesetter

This escape room team player is more like the parent or the leader of the pack. He/she steers the rest of the team in the right direction and is incredibly sure about his/her problem-solving abilities. They keep all the other members on their feet through new strategies and ensures that his/her team is always okay. So are you the pacesetter on your team and if so who is?

The desperate/goal oriented

This player always has one thing in mind, to achieve what he/she wants. It’s a case of doing or die for them; they will turn everything upside down just to ensure that they find more clues and answers to their questions and even though in some cases it might be tiresome for the other team players, they help everyone remain determined to win.

The scatterbrain

As the name suggests, everything is chaotic with this one. They are disorganized, afraid of commitments, thoughtless and they contribute the least. However, they are respectful and grateful for the contributions of the rest, and they also happen to come up with incredible ideas once in a while.

The spectator

You can quickly tell what kind of team player is this. Unlike the desperate or the scatterbrain, theirs is just to watch. They are quite quiet and observant. They solve puzzles, discover interesting clues and offers excellent solutions even though it is not easy to find them talking. They have achieved milestones, but they never showed off. They always have great ideas in store for everyone.

The natural one

This one fits in the escape room naturally. If you find yourself in here and you have no idea why or your role for being here, or in other words, you happen to be there for the experience, then you are the natural one and things happen to be so much easier for you.

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The curious one

In every escape room, there is always that one person who can never rest until they discover everything. They are like a toddler who is trying to learn things about life, and they will not leave any corner unturned until they find hints. So if you are this person know you are priceless to the rest and they can never do without you.

The ignorant one

This character is the complete opposite of the over-analyzer. They never give a damn about anything that is in the room and only has an eye for the bigger things. To them, only objects that are significant are clues, and as a result, they always end up solving the stressing puzzles.

The locksmith

For this character, the escape room is more like a mental game, and as such, they trust in their capabilities and luck to cracking any puzzles and solving mysteries. So if you are this player, you can expect a little hatred from the others because you eliminate all the fun by quickly solving a problem and get even more love for helping them get out of a problematic situation on time.

Final thoughts

Whether it is a group of friends, family or a corporate team, you can now see who takes what position in your team thanks to the above ten escape room personalities.

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