Commercial Window Tinting Fees

The price of commercial window tinting depends on a few things. This article will explain these things so you can be sure you get the best price. If you are interested in doing commercial window tinting yourself to save money, some products are recommended on the internet for you to use.


Depends on the Film Type for Commercial Window Tenting

The cost of your window tinting job will be determined by the type of film you choose. For normal solar films, which a dealer, manufacturer, and installer usually offers you can expect to pay a flat rate for whatever type of film you choose. The price can be between five dollars and seven dollars every square foot. It will cost more from a veteran installer, but the quality of the work will be better than the installer who do it for less. Make sure you ask about warranties.When you buy high-end films, they most likely come with a manufactures warranty which they usually give to you. Lifetime or even residential jobs will be extended, while commercial window tinting jobs will most likely be less. This only applies to interior films. Exterior films have no warranty or a very short one.

If you want to do it yourself, you can look at a list of window tinting films right here. These are some of the best products we have found online.

The Size of the Commercial Window Tinting Job

When there is small to a mid-size building, there would be a lot more glass to tint than a normal house. A Las Vegas window tinting technician says: “You can expect to pay a lot more for these bigger jobs.” If the work is not in your budget, you could install it yourself. You should keep in mind that an install can cost between five to seven dollars a square foot when you hire a professional, but purchasing your film will most likely cost you three dollars a square foot.

Window Location and Miscellaneous factors

If you have windows that are located up high that may require for an installer to use a ladder, prep work or a lot of glass cleaning or any other labor that is not a part of the usual install process, you can have more charges added. For smaller jobs, make sure to ask if there is a small trip charge. Commercial window tinting will not provide any small work for less than a flat rate, so it may be wise for you to get other windows tinted.
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