Air Conditioning Service: All About Maintaining Your Machine

When the summer season is approaching you often find out that your air conditioner is not working well as it is expected. Sometimes it is due to faulty installation done initially and now start being visible after some time or maybe due to poor maintenance all along. Our guide informs of a video is step by step based on how to maintain the air conditioner and will be of much help since it is based on reports from consumers made on multiple air conditioners. This will always be of much assistance in making your life more comfy despite the poor weather.

Step 1: Check the placement

For those who have not had air conditioners before, it is not recommendable to place it near the window where it can be pounded by the sun directly. This is because the direct sun will derail it as it will be forced to work harder. The best places to place it is on a window that is near trees or else a window which is facing the North direction, an awning or another source of coverage. Use of curtains will also ensure that the amount of solar is reduced.

Inside the house, gadgets such as television and floor lamp should be placed far away from the air conditioner. This is because the gadgets have units of thermostats that will always sense the heat, this will always make them run the long way.

The multiple tests that we have done have confirmed to us that some units do their jobs in a better way by either blowing to the right or left. This does not apply in a situation where the air condition has been placed at the center of a room. In case all the windows are very close to a wall then it will be advisable to choose the air conditioner that will allow the air to be blown towards the center of a room rather than the one blowing towards the wall. However, some of the air conditioners models are universal in that they can blow in any direction of a room.

Step 2: Maintain the machine

At the front grille of all air conditioners, there is a filter for dirt and dust. Sometimes the filter can be blocked which makes it difficult for the air to flow freely through the unit making it difficult to clean the air and be less efficient. Once in a while remove the grille off and take out the filter. Remove the clogged dust and dirt using a vacuum and then wash it with warm water that is soapy. The reinstall the screen when it is completely dry, and in case it happens to be worn out it is advisable to make a replacement.

Also, it is important to check into the sealing of the windows to ensure that warm air gets out while old air gets in. If there is a leakage, then reseal around your unit with weather stripping.

Step 3: Program it properly

There are programmable air conditioners with controlled units from smartphones. Either the high tech or the manually controlled all should have a temperature setting. Energy star recommends 78n degrees when your home is 85 degrees when at home or working and 82 degrees while sleeping.

If that is too much, you can go for slightly lower temperatures. This can save you up to 3% of air conditioner costs.